Vertigo Exercises Treatment

Vertigo is a particular form of giddiness or dizziness. It causes a spinning sensation and people feel that their surrounding is rotating or moving. Vertigo sufferers may face difficulties with balance. Vertigo exercise treatment is a solution to prevent people from the attack and to improve their balance. A long variety of exercises are possible for different body parts such as neck, eye and head.Vertigo exerrcise treatment

Vertigo exercise treatment for eyes

  • Sit down in a chair without moving the head and look up and down. Repeat this exercise 20 times. Increase the speed as you move through the repetitions
  • Look to your left and then to your right without moving your head. Start this vertigo exercise treatment slowly and speed up gradually. Repeat the procedure 20 times
  • Extend one arm in front of your eyes and hold up your index finger. Focus your eyes on the finger. Move the finger slowly towards your face and out again keeping your eyes focused on the finger
  • Incorporate some head movements with the eye exercises. Look to your one shoulder and then the other turning your head to both sides. Repeat this exercise 20 times with your eyes open.

Vertigo exercise treatment for neck

Neck rotations: Sit on a chair or edge of a bed without armrests. Look forward with your eyes open. Look over your shoulder rotating your neck slowly to the right and then look over your left shoulder rotating your neck to the left. Return to the starting position on one smooth movement to complete the exercise. Do the entire procedure 20 times slowly and repeat 20 times with quick movements.

Brandt-Daroff Exercise: Sit on the edge of a bed and hang the legs off the side. Turn the head 45 degrees to the right. Lie down suddenly on the right side, keeping the head at the same angle. Continue in this position for 30 seconds and return to the seated position holding it for 30 seconds. Do the same procedure on the left side. Repeat the exercise five times on both directions. Do this exercise two or three times a day when vertigo symptoms occur.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi helps to improve balance and body strength by following some martial arts movements. This vertigo exercise treatment starts with looking forward with the eyes open and taking a deep breath. Lower your chin toward your chest in a nodding motion while exhaling. Raise your head back to the starting position while inhaling. Exhale again lowering your head backwards so you are looking toward the ceiling. Return to the starting position inhaling to finish the exercise.

Vertigo exercise treatment for head

Side-to-side turning: Side-to-side turning is a simple and effective vertigo exercise treatment. Sit in a comfortable chair and look straight forward. Look to the right side by turning the head and then look to your left without stopping in the middle. Repeat this procedure 29 times first slowly and then faster. If you are comfortable with it, repeat this exercise with your eyes closed.

Forward and backward movement: Guidelines for performing this exercise is same as for the side-to-side exercise. But, tilt your chin forward and then bend your head backward, instead of side to side movements. Start this exercise slowly with your eyes open and try gradually with your eyes closed.

Target change: Target change is a head exercise in which the patient selects two objects on opposite ends of a room. The objects should be far enough apart that the patient must turn his head to see them. It is performed looking at one object, then turning to look at other. Blink a few minutes and then turn back to the first object. Repeat this procedure several times.

Even though you can do all these exercises at home, you have to consult a doctor for proper directions.

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