Vagina Plastic Surgery

Vagina Plastic Surgery or Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is intended to reconstruct the female vaginal canal or, in the case of male-to-female sex reassignment surgery, to actually build a new vagina structure. It permits the reduction of large labia to reduce the outward appearance and correct the misshapenness.

Any type of reconstruction of vaginal surgery in the field of plastic surgery is referred to as ‘vaginoplasty‘. This procedure is usually availed by women with damaged, or underdeveloped vaginal structures that are due to injury, cancer, or any congenital disease. Vaginoplasty surgery may be performed for vagina reduction, vagina repair or vagina tightening.

The main advantage of vaginoplasty is that it enables women and trans women to engage in sexual intercourse that would otherwise would not be afforded with damaged, malformed or non-existent vagina. Almost, all vaginal plastic surgery is outpatients, and last between 60 to 120 minutes.

Not long ago, Labiaplasty was usually performed within a selected group of women- such as swimsuit models and centerfold models. But today, with the advent of more sexuality permissive magazine/videos, this treatment has increased to a great extent. Mostly, labiaplasty is being done for two purposes:

  1. Medical reasons- It includes the reduction of tissues from overly large labia minora that can result in constant irritation and discomforts when engaging in sports and other physical activities. In many of these instances, women are born with large labia; others may develop this condition with childbirth or age. Surgery of labia represents a relatively safer solution to most medical reasons.
  2. Aesthetic reasons (beautification) – These are largely being driven by societal evolution regarding sexual habits, expectations and wants. This is the primary reason for a dramatic increase in labiaplasty. Most women seek sculpting of the labia, or vaginal beautification so as to achieve a better look for themselves and their sexual partners. This can also include age-related development for women who are older and want a return to the youthful look.

Combined labiaplasty and vaginoplasty

Vagina Plastic Surgery

Only a few specialized surgeons perform Labiaplasty (reduction and beautification) and Vaginoplasty (rejuvenation and tightening) at the same time. The real advantage of having both the surgeries together is that there will be only one anesthesia session and this usually results in considerable savings in the procedural cost.

Reason for undergoing Labiaplasty

There are various reasons why women undergo labiaplasty. The most common includes:

  • Reducing pain during intercourse
  • Gaining a boost in self-esteem
  • Enhancing sexual pleasure
  • Feeling more confident
  • Reducing emotional and physical discomforts for having a large labia

Risks and limitations

Risk associated with labiaplasty includes changes in pigmentation and sensation. The risks depend upon the technique used. Change in sensation is associated with amputation (trimming) technique, rather not with the wedge technique. Mild separation of labial edge can occur with the wedge technique. This trimming technique changes texture and pigmentation of the labial edge. The subject of potential risk and complication should be discussed between the patient and the doctor. The patients should be aware of both the risks and the benefits, before undergoing labiaplasty.

Cost of labiaplasty

The cost of labia rejuvenation can vary from $3,000 to $8,000. Fees vary depending upon the patient’s condition, geographical condition, and the surgeon’s experience. The fees cover the doctor’s charges, medication, hospital charges and other miscellaneous charges. A comprehensive cost estimate can be obtained after consulting with the surgeon.

Road to recovery

It is important for the patients to follow their doctors’ post operative advises or orders following the surgery. This will help to ensure better results as well as reduces the discomfort and complications. Instructions may include avoiding intercourse for several weeks and the doctors may recommend the women not to use tampons or douches while recovering. Women can return to work and continue their normal life within two to five days. It is also advised not to take any strenuous activities within three weeks of surgery.

Nowadays, vaginal surgery has been a common trend in women. Such surgery should only be considered for correcting the discomforts of the day-to-day life, not as a mean for achieving an aesthetically perfect version of the vagina, as found in some magazine.

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