Groin Rash Treatment

Groin rashes or genital rashes are usually caused by the irritation of the skin from different types of sources, which include rubbing of cloths against the skin, or due to some of the allergic reaction, or might be from other sources. Rashes in the genital area can range from mild to severe. A groin rash may also result from a heat rash, a sexually transmitted disease, shaving the groin area, an allergic reaction to the soap or detergent, a fungal or yeast infection or even bacterial infection. The treatment of groin rash depends upon the causes and symptoms of it. So, it is important to know the cause and symptoms before proceeding to the groin rash treatment.

Causes of groin rash

There are two of the most common causes of groin or genital rash, which includes a heat rash and an overgrowth of bacteria, fungi and yeast. Heat rash is characterized by the clusters of red spots, which might be itchy and they inflame the skin. In heat rash, sweat is trapped, which further develops into sweat glands. Rashes begin to develop in the unexposed areas of your body, like the groin, genital, and anus. In some mild cases, just airing the skin can cure rashes. However, for complete relief, people need to restore a normal balance of yeast, bacteria fungi, and pH levels within the skin. There are some more causes of groin or genital rash, which include contact dermatitis, stasis dermatitis (a type of eczema), Seborrheic dermatitis, measles, chickenpox, dry skin, HIV infection, syphilis, psoriasis of body fold, sexually transmitted disease.

Groin Rash TreatmentTreatment of groin rash

There are certain treatments of groin or genital rashes, which include:

Treating Rash Caused by Skin Chafing and Fungal Infection

Chafing of the skin can be avoided by wearing light cloths to avoid the groin rash. The body produces heat, which results in sweating and if the cloths are too tight, then it causes friction, which develops into a groin rash. If you are wearing new dress without washing it for the first time, then it can also cause rashes. This can also be due to the allergic reaction resulting into small bumps in the groin area. As the body heats up, it tends to perspire resulting into opening of the pores. The groin area is considered to be the perfect breeding ground for fungi and the combination of friction, heat and perspiration can lead to a fungal infection. So it is important to consult a doctor and follow his instructions to treat the rash. The doctor might prescribe an antibiotic or a topical cream to clear the rash.

Treatment of Rash Caused by Dermatitis

When a skin rash appears due to the reaction to hygiene products, body powders and sprays, then this condition is referred to as Dermatitis. Rashes can also be caused due to different type of allergy. For example, the rash caused by condoms made of latex can be due to some allergy. It is important to note which product causes the rash, so that it can be stopped. Stopping such things may reduce or even end the occurrence of rash to a great extent. If this method does not follow well, then you should consult a doctor immediately to determine the exact cause of the rash and start the treatment of it. . Hydrocortisone and steroid creams are usually recommended by the doctor to clear the rash, as it can take 4 weeks to clear the rash.

Treating Rash Caused by Yeast Infection

Yeast infections can occur in both male and female, and can appear as a rash on the groin area. It is a contagious disease, and if not treated can be passed from one person to the other. Wear cotton and loose clothes to avoid yeast infections. Bathe regularly and avoid using soap on the genitals.

The simplest treatment of groin rash is to restore the skin’s pH balance along with restoring normal levels of fungi, yeast, and bacteria. This is also important for skin health care.¬†There are certain diseases, which increase the risk of groin or genital rash, which includes diabetes, peripheral arterial disease or an impaired immune system. So it is very important to look for a well qualified and experienced doctor for the treatment of groin and also follow the precautionary measures prescribed by the doctor.

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