Dry Skin on Testicles

The testicles are the male reproductive organs, which produce sperms and other related hormones from the age of puberty. This is one of the very sensitive organs of the human body, which plays a big role in the production process. Right from the age of the puberty, they are responsible for many internal and external body changes. The testicle skin is very smooth and hence it needs proper care. Dry skin on testicles is a very common skin problem, which makes the place very itchy. Due to excessive dryness, the dry skin often converts into the dry flaky skin. Flaky skin on testicles is the most alarming situation and hence visiting a doctor is a must.

Causes for Dry Skin on Testicles

  • The most common cause of dry, flaky skin on testicle is eczema. This can be detected by excessive itching in the area. Generally, the affected person will have dry, scaly skin that may become red and leathery if a lot of scratching is done. Not only the testicles, even the hands, knees, feet or face is also affected
  • The skin dryness on testicles can be due to skin inflammation. The inflammation will make the testicle skin itchy and painful. If the skin inflammation is extreme then other body parts like inner thighs, buttocks and scrotum will also feel the itch
  • The dry skin can be due to extra rubbing of the place. Even wetness around the area will give a platform for germs and fungus like tinea cruris to breed. This fungal infection is caused by heat and moisture because of the clothing of the person.
  • Psoriasis is the other dry skin problems that can be a reason for this skin dryness. Redness in the genital areas can be a problem if a lot of scratching is done. The use of harsh chemicals can be one of the reasons for skin dryness on testicles

How to Cure Dryness on Testicle Skin

The skin dryness in the testicles is a very bad condition. The excessive dryness of skin can be very painful as they are very sensitive. One has to take care of the body organs on regular basis

  • The testicle skin is very sensitive hence; it has to be taken care perfectly. Anti scratching ointments must be applied, when scratching happens. Excessive scratching must be avoided to soothe the skin conditions
  • Keep the place dry as far as possible otherwise; the fungal formation will make the place very itchy. The itchy feeling will make the person irresistible to scratch
  • Wear comfortable clothes, as sometimes the skin irritation can be due to the unnecessary rubbing of the tight innerwear. Even select the fabrics that suit your skin otherwise skin redness can be there
  • Consult a physician as soon as possible because this will help in combating the dryness easily. A doctor must be consulted in the starting itself, the delay will make the situation more problematic

The dry skin on testicles is a very aching situation. The dry skin on testicles has to be treated perfectly otherwise, this dry skin problem can create problems in your married life. The dry skin on testicles is not only painful but also embarrassing. But do not feel ashamed to share the problem with your partner. Even maintaining personal hygiene will also help to soothe the skin conditions. The medicines prescribed by the doctor must be taken on regular basis. The skin problem can be a sign of some other big or chronic disease. Do not panic just do what your doctor says. This article will help you a lot in taking extra care of yourself.

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