Dry Skin on Scrotum

Dry skin can happen anywhere on the body, but the most troublesome places are the genital areas like the scrotum. Dry skin on scrotum is not very common but if this problem occurs, do not panic. Many men have itchy and dry skin on the scrotum and generally have no idea on how to deal with the painful situation. There are many ways to get rid of this dry skin problem, which we may get aggravated further. Many a times, the problem is so intense that the scrotum develops red patches.

Causes for Dry and Itchy Skin on Scrotum

There are many reasons for the skin dryness on scrotum, some of them are mentioned below:
·The ill-fitting or tight innerwear or pants are the most common factor. Generally dry skin problem in private areas happen due to this reason. Too tight clothing can cause the skin to scratch and itch
·Wrong selection of inner clothes, the wrong linen increases the sweating process. The sweat helps in production of germs that causes infection
·Excessive usage of harsh soap in such sensitive areas extracts the natural oil
·Unnecessary scratching and rubbing the scrotum also make the skin rough and sensitive
The dry skin on scrotum can be easily avoided by taking necessary actions. Below are some of the methods that will help in fighting and solving the scrotum dry skin problem.

  • Moisturize the place perfectly. Since the skin on the scrotum is sensitive, use the creams and serums, especially designed for sensitive skin. These creams are easily available in the drug store. You can even use some sensitive skin body lotions. In addition, avoid scratching as far as possible!
  • Keep applying moisturizer, creams and gentle soap for a few days. If the itch is there, you can ask for itch creams in the drugstore. Please see that the cream is applied as per the instructions, as the place is very sensitive
  • If the problem is still there then do not hesitate to visit a doctor. As the skin is very sensitive, you must take care. The more you delay the more intense will be the problem. In many cases, the scrotum skin turns red with patches, and skin becomes flaky
  • The dry skin may be due to skin problem like eczema. The rashes, the dryness could be a symptom of this skin problem hence visiting a physician is a must. Do not hide anything from your doctor because only then you can get the proper treatment
  • Do not feel ashamed to tell your partner about your problem. The skin dryness in scrotum might be an STD, which has to be treated as soon as possible. If such diseases (STD) are not treated then it could create a problem in your life
  • Follow the advice of your physician perfectly. Do not forget to take the prescribed  medicines in time

These chronic skin problems must be taken care of as soon as possible. We advise our readers to visit the doctor in the initial stage of itching and scratching. Never wait till the condition worsens. Bacterial infections and yeast infections are very common. The itchiness in the scrotum could be a signal that you are not hygienic enough.

Dry skin on scrotum can be avoided if the person takes care of his skin properly. Personal hygiene is the best way to stay away from such dry skin problems. Take good care of your dry skin on scrotum and visit an expert as soon as possible.

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