Dry Skin around Nose

Comes winter and skin dryness problem starts. The winters are good but it is the most evil season for the skin. The sensitive skin of all body parts tends to lose its natural oil and hence looks texture less. Nose is also one of the most prominent parts of body that is vulnerable to this kind of dryness. Dry Skin around nose is a problem that can occur to people of any age. The pores on the skin around the nose tend to dry and result in breakout of an allergy. Let us discuss more on the treatments and causes of skin dryness around nose.

Causes of dry skin around Nose

There are many reasons for the skin dryness around nose. Some of them are described below::

  • Winter Tickle: The chilly winters create havoc on human skin. The skin dries due to loss of moisture and hence becomes the ground for scratching and itchy feeling. Always cover your body parts so that the dry chilly winds do not take the oil leaving your pores open and dry.
  • Facial Psoriasis: This non-contagious disease leads to the dry flaky skin problem, if not cured in time. The patches on the skin appear because of accumulation of skin cells. This problem causes itchy rashes across nose.     
  • Water Loss: The problem of dehydration occurs mostly in winters and rainy season. The inadequate amount of water leads to the improper functionality of keratin. The keratin is present in the pores that produce oil to avoid dry skin problems.
  • Skin Care Products: Have a look at the chemical composition of the product you are using for your skin. If there is alcohol, just open the window and throw the product – but before that see that no body is passing the street other wise you will be in problem – well jokes apart. The alcohol-based products can make your skin more allergic and prone to other diseases.

Treatment of dry skin around nose

The easy tips or treatments by which big allergies and skin diseases can be avoided are:

  • Mild Face Wash: Always use mild cleansing agents to clean your skin. Use of harsh chemicals will make your skin more dry and prone to many other diseases. Do shield your skin with moisturizer so that the skin does not dry excessively.  
  • Medication: A proper medication is required when dry skin rashes appear across the nose. Hydrocortisone creams will help in curing the skin psoriasis and hence will eliminate dry skin around nasal area.  
  • Water: Drink plenty of water. Generally, in winters the intake of water decreases that makes skin drier. The rough skin leads to chapping peeling of skin around and on nose. Even the nasal cavity sometimes is badly affected in infants and in children.
  • Facial Products: Always use herbal products. The skin is very sensitive so harsh chemicals will harm the skin and its natural shine decreases. Always wipe the skin gently while removing the makeup, never rub your skin else this will lead to dry black flaky skin. Do not forget to apply cream to the nose and the outer skin of the nostrils. Otherwise, the skin of nostrils becomes red and skin flakes appears. If you are stuck with the problem of running nose then avoid using hard cloth, use soft wipes or soft cloth instead.

Dry skin around nose is the problem that occurs due to the problem of dry skin on face. Even the running nose is one of the major factors for red flaky skin around nose in infants. With the help of this article, you can avoid dry skin around nose.

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