After Pregnancy Belt

A variety of biochemical changes takes place during pregnancy.  As days pass, the baby develops inside the womb. The growth of baby, converts the center of gravity in to weight gain, joints loosen and muscles stretch to prepare the body for giving birth. Due to the stretching of the abdominal muscles, many women undergo nerve and joint pain, along with pain in the lower back and hips. After pregnancy belts are mean to support the abdomen and give relief from the muscular stress.

After pregnancy belt may aid to ease some from the pain when the body takes some time to return to its pre pregnancy state.

Why after pregnancy belt?

During pregnancy, a lower back pain is often noticed, which occurs due to the expansion in the abdominal area and stretched abdominal muscles. After delivery, it takes time and some workout for these muscles to get back to their normal position. The idea behind using after pregnancy belts is that they help to provide extra support to the upper body. Supporting torso not only helps the overall movement of the body while working but also helps to ease some of the lower back pain resulting due to stretching.

Types of pregnancy belts:

After pregnancy belts are available in different sizes and styles that can fit all types of body.  Before purchasing any type of pregnancy belt, consulting your doctor is essential. These belts are manufactured by considering the overall condition of a mother and hence are made up of lightweight nylon or spandex material. Most of them are easily adjustable and can be removed with shatter or Velcro.  Some belts might cover the abdominal part only while others are helpful to cover the hips and the torso as well.

How to wear the post pregnancy belly wrap?

In order to make sure whether it is safe for you to use the maternity belt, consult your practitioner. Women after delivery need an abdominal support, but the pregnancy belt may create pressure if wrapped immediately after delivery. Wearing a pregnancy belt too early may also cause rashes or pain from rubbing against stitches.

  • Firstly measure your waist with a soft measuring tape. An after pregnancy belt will not be effective if it’s too large and smaller may make you feel discomforting.  Each size in belt has a range of six to eight inches.
  • Place the belly band on your lower back, and hold its end in each of your hands.
  • Stretch the band on your abdomen to adjust it.
  • Now attach your post pregnancy belly wrap with a provided hook. This should get fit properly at your belly button. The upper portion of the belt should be at your waist and the bottom portion should reach just below your hips.
  • Adjust the pressure of the belt by pulling it more tightly; with the help of the hook you can loosen it if required.

What are the benefits of using a post pregnancy belly wrap?

There are several benefits of using an after pregnancy belts.

  • By reducing the stress it gives relieve to the lower back pain
  • It helps to make the pelvic floor muscles stable.
  • They are helpful for the recovery of C-section by supporting this area.
  • Maternity belt helps to relocate the spine at proper pre pregnancy alignment.
  • This belt not only provides extra support to the wall of abdomen but shields the internal organs as well.

Some facts allied with the use of after pregnancy belt:

The main objective of using the abdominal belt is to provide support to the abdominal muscular system after delivery. Along with this belt, the abdominal muscles still sooner or later need some activities to support the upper body without any help. Use of these belts for longer duration, prevents the natural strengthening of the abdominal muscles from the routine activities.

As your body starts recovering after some duration, reducing the use of this belt is advised. In case of continuous abdominal pain, you should visit a doctor to avoid any serious issues.

Along with the use of the after pregnancy belt, routine exercise is the helpful option to return your body to its original shape. Follow some routine exercises to free your muscles from pain.

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