9 dpo Pregnancy Symptoms

‘Dpo’ refers to the days post/ past ovulation. Ovulation is a very important process in every woman’s body. This is the indication of healthy and normal condition for conceiving. Out of the 9 dpo pregnancy symptoms enlisted below, if you experience the last one then you should go in for a pregnancy test.

The 9 signs are as follows:

1. Cervical Fluid

  • It is also called as the cervical mucus, characterized by clear, sticky and at times transparent or whitish appearance.
  • Its density decides your fertility or the most conducive period for conception.
  • The cervical discharge is a good conductor of sperms and keeps them alive for at least 5 days.
  • Thus the mucus has to be sticky but not too thick as it doesn’t allow the sperms to enter the fluid and the sperms die.

2. Leukorrhea

  • The hormone named ‘Estrogen’ leads to discharge from cervix and vagina.
  • Due to increased hormonal changes & increased blood supply to the vaginal area, some vaginal discharge is noticed that is called as the vaginal discharge or Leukorrhea.
  • The discharge apart from white color indicates vaginal infection which can be diagnosed only by a doctor.

3. Basal Temperature

  • One way of reading the period of ovulation is to maintain a record of your body temperature before you get out of the bed in the morning.
  • The temperature is generally high during ovulation and if you conceive during this time then your temperature will remain elevated throughout your term of pregnancy.

4. Emotional Imbalance

  • The increased level of hormones triggers different emotions in a person and continues throughout pregnancy.
  • If the partner is informed about all these ups and downs of the emotions he can be of great help.

5. Abdominal Pains

  • Some women experience cramps in one side of their body during ovulation.
  • Some experience an increased amount of clear and stretchy discharge which is called as the cervical mucus.

6. Bloated abdomen and abdominal pain

  • Progesterone helps to relax the muscles and also slows down the digestive process. Secretion of Progesterone causes the gases in the abdomen and it is also responsible for the abdominal bloating and pain.
  • Drinking a lot of water and eating after small and regular intervals help you to survive through this phase.

7. Tender Swollen Breasts and Darkening of Areolas

  • Besides, pregnancy tender breasts also signify impending cycles.
  • The dark areola, enlarge, swollen and sore breasts are remarkable signs of pregnancy.
  • Sometimes you may also observe bumps on & around the region. This is also called as the Montgomery’s Tubercles

8. Indigestion and Constipation:

  • The stomach upset is due to the physical as well as the hormonal changes.
  • Increased level of progesterone and estrogen hinders digestion and the function of bowels.
  • The hormones slow down the digestive process due to which it leads to indigestion.
  • The best key to handle this phase is to eat after regular and short intervals of time.

9. Missed Periods:

  • A missed, irregular or a delayed menstruation is the foremost sign of pregnancy.
  • In case of irregular periods you will have to wait for your second missed period

All women may not experience the same symptoms and they may vary from person to person. These 9 dpo pregnancy symptoms are common in the initial days of pregnancy prior to the embryo stage. The missed menses as stated is the first step indicating pregnancy but it may not always be a positive indicator of pregnancy.

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