Potomania is a desire to drink excessive fluids. This word originated from Greek in which ‘potos’ means drink and ‘mania’ means intense desire to do something. People suffering from this type of mania are generally found to have the mania of drinking water and alcohol; therefore, this term is extensively used to describe people who have a desire to drink excessive water or alcoholic beverages. Potomania is also called a psychogenic polydipsia. Potomania is a result of mental illness that is caused due to various reasons. Some people may also call the addiction towards drinking alcoholic beverages as dipsomania or beer potomania.

Why do people drink excessive water?

Many doctors and health related books suggest that you should drink excessive water, water is the most essential component for your body, and it will give you a healthy and shiny skin, etc. Many people are so much influenced by this, that they drink excessive water; they don’t even realize that sometimes they are exaggerating things. There begins the exact problems of potomania, they are over hydrated as the kidneys cannot filter this huge amounts of water easily, and this water is accumulated in the body giving you a bloating feeling. Fatal death is also one of the risk factors associated with this kind of behavior.

Usually people belonging to the modeling and acting professions and professions that influence much upon physical appearance are addicted to such kind of behavior. There is also a misconception among these people that drinking excessive water will help in reducing weight, and will help them stay fit, but anything beyond certain limits will be toxic for your body. Sometimes people who are suffering from health issues such as diabetes inspidus also drink excessive water and are potomaniac.

Why do people drink excessive alcohol?

Desire to drink excessive alcoholic beverages or beer potomania is a syndrome, which is characterized by binge drinking that is accompanied by poor nutritional intake. This causes electrolytic imbalance in the body. There is decrease in the amount of essential salts such as sodium and potassium from the body and this condition is called as hyponatremia. This causes total loss of control over the body.

There can be various reasons for this behavior of people. It can be due to abnormal mental status such as confusion, decreased consciousness, hallucinations, etc. People who are unhappy, and face various social and personal issues are generally addicted to such behavior and drink excessive alcoholic beverages. Some may drink without any reason. These people try to find happiness and get relief by drinking alcohol, as when they are drunk their mind is free from preoccupied thoughts and emotions.

Beer potomania causing hyponatremia can lead to various health issues such as irritability, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, restlessness, vomiting, etc. In severe cases, this disorder can lead to brain herniation, coma and even death.

Treatment may be given to them in the form of medications and psychotherapy in severe cases. If the symptoms of potomania are diagnosed at an early stage, then support and guidance from family members and friends will also prove to be helpful in this case.

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