Eponymous Dr Alzheimer

Eponymous Dr Alzheimer is because Alzheimers disease was named after him. Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915) was a German psychiatrist and an expert in neuropathology who in 1906 first recognized a brain disease that later was named after him as Alzheimer’s disease.

About Alzhiemers disease

Alzheimers disease is supposed to be caused by the imbalance of neuronal functions regarding the proteins and beta peptides. Some drug elements are considered to be helpful and effective to cure or at least control the progress of Alzheimers disease. The available treatments have no guarantee of curing the disease completely but when there is no other hope people go for every other option available. This is a degenerative neuronal disease which affects memory, thought process, behavior, and emotions.

Eponymous Dr Alzheimer

About Dr. Alois Alzheimer

Alois Alzheimer was born in the year 1864 in the city of Markbreit, Germany. He went to the universities of Aschaffenburg, Tubingen, Berlin, and Wurzburg, where he received the medical degree in 1887. He discovered his interest in research on the cortex of the human brain while working with the State Asylum in Frankfurt am Main. Alzheimer began to work as an assistant to Emil Kraepelin at the Munich Medical School, where he established an enhanced laboratory for brain research. Later on, Dr. Alzheimer became the director of anatomical laboratories in Emil Kraepelin’s psychiatric clinic at Munich. In the year 1912, Alzheimer started to work as a professor of psychiatry and neurology at the University of Breslau which is now Wroclaw in Poland.

Alzheimer- The Man

Dr. Alzheimer’s colleagues had a high esteem for his work and also for his individuality. In the memory of Alzheimer, Robert Gaupp, then the head of psychiatry at Tubingen University and Dr. Alzheimer’s forerunner as Oberarzt in Kraepelin’s private clinic in Munich, the Royal Psychiatric Hospital, commented: “… Alzheimer was a man with a clear head and an unusual creativity who took greatest pains over his work and had a strong intellect for scientific truth. The correct training provided, this blend of talents had to result in outstanding achievements in the field of science. This was complemented by his kind interest in the fellow men, his attitude of a true physician, and the great delight from combining science and medical practice. Although he mainly worked in a small, noticeably difficult specialist field, he always made sure that his research does not endanger the clinician and physician within him.”

Eponymous Dr Alzheimer

In 1906, Alzheimer gave a lecture about his observation of an unusual disease of the cerebrum which affected a woman; named Auguste Deter, in her 50′s, suffering from memory loss, disorientation, hallucinations, and, eventually, caused death at the age of 55 years. In the year 1907, Dr. Alzheimer submitted a complete clinical and pathological report of this disease then called as pre-senile dementia. Emil Kraepelin, then the authority on psychiatry in Europe, published an article on this disease in the 8th Edition of his definitive textbook ‘Psychiatrie’, which was published in 1910 and referred to it as ‘Alzheimer’s disease’. Thus it was largely due to Emil Kraepelin, that the condition bears Dr. Alzheimer’s name.

Alzheimers disease, until now, is incurable. Though current Alzheimer research is going on to find the proper treatment to halt the disease but scientists recommend a healthy life style, Proper diet and regular exercise – physical and mental – to prevent this disorder.

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