Alzheimer Research Trust

Alzheimer Research Trust is one of the leading organizations worldwide and deals primarily with the research on dementia. It is very popular for the financial assistance it provides for dementia research at global level. The trust was established in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1992 and has earned a considerable reputation since then. It was renamed as Alzheimer’s Research UK in February 2011. Thus, the organization is a big research and charity trust.

Idea behind Alzheimer Research Trust

alzheimer research trust

Alzheimer has been one of the major concerns since ages and the cases related to the disease have been consistently on rise. Though the disorder was well-known worldwide, the research that was carried out during the later-twentieth century was quite insufficient to cope up with the increasing complications an Alzheimer patient had to face. A need for a full-fledge and reliable research institute dedicated completely to Alzheimer was realized. This paved the way for the development of Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Alzheimer’s Research UK is an ideal creation of public initiative. Four like-minded members from the public came together and established such a prestigious institute. The main aim was to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the research on dementia and tackle the disorder in the most feasible way. The Trust started the actual funding to various research institutions around 1997 and also formed its own research network. Development of an independent research network helped the organization to reach out to the scientists working on dementia research at the global level. This benefited the Alzheimer’s Research UK in bringing the scientists together to work on dementia research and follow a common research pattern. This immensely helped in giving a particular dimension to the research process.

Initiatives by Alzheimer Research Trust

The main aim of the Trust is to tackle dementia. Its research on Lewy Body disease, Alzheimer’s disease, fronto-temporal dementia and vascular dementia is remarkable. It has also recently released its Dementia 2010 report that includes the milestones in dementia research, cost of research, new findings related to the disease and information about the funding and projects the organization has undertaken recently.

The organization stands true to its commitment and has funded around 350 research projects across UK. It has also provided financial assistance to more than 109 projects that are being undertaken in leading universities and are conducted by top scientists. Those who are desirous of receiving grants from the Trust can apply directly through ‘Grant Applications’ on the organization’s website be ready with your project and organization details and furnish only the necessary information. UK-based organization is preferred for charity and the project must be concerned with research on Alzheimer, dementia or any related disorders.

The applications forwarded to the Trust are scanned thoroughly by eminent scientists and experts working in the field of dementia. Thus, you should be very particular about your research and ensure to add something new and valuable to dementia research.

Future goals of Alzheimer Research Trust

Alzheimer’s Research UK has been consistent in its efforts to make dementia research more contemporary and has been engaging some of the best brains worldwide to achieve its goal. The Trust has also tied up with some of the major national institutions and governmental organizations to widen its scope of research.

Dementia research is still to get the desired momentum and the research on the disease is still not as intense as that on cancer. Thus, the primary goal of the organization is to make people realize the importance of research on dementia and create mass awareness about the disease. The Trust also aims to carry out a thorough research on medicines suitable to cure dementia. In its Dementia 2010 report, the organization has clearly mentioned dementia as one of the greatest medical challenges of current times and has urged people worldwide to contribute generously to fight the disease. In UK alone, the number of people suffering from dementia is more than 820,000 and the number is consistently increasing.

Alzheimer Research Trust has proved its potential and abilities over years and is worth considering if you wish to donate for dementia research. The organization is committed to tackle dementia with best of the techniques and make people aware of its causes, symptoms and treatments. Thus, it is our responsibility to deliver our support for such a noble cause and make our society free from dementia.    

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