Alzheimer Project

Alzheimer is a fatal mental disorder, which gradually degenerate the neuro-system and leads to memory loss and loss of thinking ability.  The disease accounts for second-highest cause of deaths in America, next to cancer. Alzheimer may go unnoticed in its early stage but progresses slowly and worsens the condition to an irreversible level. Alzheimer project is aimed at spreading awareness in people about the disease and the type of approach one should have towards such patients.

The Alzheimer’s Project, a series of shows serves as a platform for spreading awareness about the disease, the current research work going on to discover a cure for the disease, and its impact on the lives of the patients, their families, caregivers and on the nation overall. This series of program and the films brought a ray of hope to look forward to and build hopes for a better life with the disease.

Overview of Alzheimer Project:

The Alzheimer project is a result of the collaboration of the Alzheimer research community with the HBO channel to spread the awareness about this irremediable and progressive disease. The project involves four documentaries portraying the life of a few Alzheimer patients, their families and caregivers, how caregivers and family members manage to live and succeed in life while their loved ones suffering from a life threatening disease.

alzheimer project

The documentary divided in four parts was well received by the public and the critics as well. It covers every aspect of the disease through the television medium. The HBO team that worked for this project is the same as the one that worked for it’s another, well received series ‘Addiction’. The program also included interviews of the patients, caregivers, scientist, doctors and family members of the patients about the personal experience and the difficulties they face with the disease or the type of impact of the disease on them.

‘The Memory Loss Tapes’ is the first amongst the four part documentaries and includes a close view into the life of the seven people suffering from this devastating disease. The initial concept of the documentary was to portray how the disease progresses to dementia stage and later to death. However, the phases and the symptoms are vast and vary individual to individual. Hence, the story concentrated on portraying every stage of dementia and the people suffering from every state, right from the initial stage till the death. The story themes that how a person loses to be self and loses whatever has been learnt by him/her and just a few glimpses of his personality remains.

‘Momentum in Science’ is second of the series and is a two-part documentary of 1 hour each. This documentary is the most vital to raise the hopes of every individual suffering from the disease or their family members and caregivers. This part gives the viewers an insight in the research laboratories and the motivation of the scientists to find a cure for this disease. 25 known physicians and researchers are shown in the film and focus is on the research work advancement in this field.

‘Grandpa Do You Know Who I Am’ is next in the series and deals with the life of grandchildren of the people suffering from this disease. The film provides different perspectives to the children to cope with their grandparents’ memory loss.

‘Caregivers’ comes last in the series and offers an insight in the life of the people whose loved ones are suffering from this disease. The film portrays people as caregivers and their struggle, sacrifice and patience to watch their beloved through death.

Alzheimer is a devastating mental disorder that causes complete memory loss. Alzheimer project deals with educating people about the disease, the experience of their family members and caregivers and to kindle the light of hope that the advancement in research, may bring a better cure and life for the patients, who are victims of dementia.

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