Alzheimer Books

Some people prefer hardcore books than a website, it’s hard for them to read and understand the information while sitting and looking at a computer screen. The diagnosis of Alzheimers disease is a heart-wrenching experience for the patient. It is very important to get an appropriate support through counseling, a support group or some family members along with support it is essential to know how the patient should handle himself as long as he can understand things around and within him. Referring to some Alzheimer books may help a patient to cope with Alzheimers and the changes in the daily life while preparing for changes that will occur in the future.

Alzheimer books

  • The Mind Killer Defense

The Mind Killer Defense is written by Frank Mangano with complete information about prevention and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Frank Mangano works as a Medical Researcher and he shares some of the tips to live a happy, healthy and vibrant life even while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This book gives much f information on nutrients, exercise, vitamins, minerals, and many more in the way of a natural treatment for the disease. It says that one can prevent and treat Alzheimer’s with his all-natural treatment, and this is backed up with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

  • Alzheimer’s Challenged, and Conquered?

Alzheimer BooksAlzheimer’s Challenged, and Conquered by Louis Blank. In the year 1993, Louis Blank was 56 years, and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He decided to beat Alzheimer’s even though it was impossible. This book tells his story. It follows his fall into the depths of disease and the struggle to come out. Louis is now, considered as symptom free from Alzheimers. The book was mostly written by Louis himself, his wife and his daughter when his Alzheimer’s was at its worst and he couldn’t write by himself.

  • Memory Fitness

Memory Fitness written by Gilles O. Einstein and Mark A. McDaniel, gives a complete overview of understanding the different sides of aging and memory. It might make a good addition to the collection of Alzheimer’s books.

  • Preventing Alzheimer’s

Preventing Alzheimer’s by William Shankle and Daniel Amen has a lot of good, practical, and detailed information. Their methods and tools can prevent or delay Alzheimers and related disorders by an average of 5 to 7 years.

  • Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s

Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s is written by a national expert Joanne Koenig Coste. The theme of this book is based on the habilitation model of care, which has not been presented in depth in any other form. Habilitation signifies capitalizing on the remaining emotions of the person, providing chances to feel successful by thinking beyond the recognized losses, overlooking the failures, being satisfied in the remaining skills, and sharing whatever still describes your memory — an impaired person still has a unique humanness. This book gives some useful tips on the nuts and bolts of everyday living, as well as practical solutions for dealing with the emotional issues and different ways of communicating effectively with Alzheimers patients. It is filled with memorable scenarios and speckled generously with the case histories. Learning to speak Alzheimers gives many case studies to look at and draw the motivation to face yet another problem and still comfort the loved one suffering and losing his life to Alzheimers.

More than 4 million people in America are suffering from Alzheimers disease. Alzheimers is a complex and multi-faceted disease which is spreading its wings with great speed. For the people who care for them, these Alzheimer books are a ray of hope in handling the patients and treating them in a right way by understanding their emotional condition.

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