Herbal Remedies for COPD

COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases are one of the most common types of lung diseases, which are caused due to many reasons. Smoking is one of the leading causes of COPD. COPD is also called as chronic airflow limitation. This disease creates difficulty in breathing as the airways become narrow. Some of the common symptoms of this diseases are cough with mucus, shortness of breathe, frequent respiratory infections, wheezing sounds while breathing, etc. This disease is life threatening if proper preventive measures and treatment is not given on time. Herbal remedies for COPD are helpful in treating COPD.

People who are suffering from such lung diseases should avoid exposure to extreme cold and warm conditions. Theyshould also avoid inhalation of secondhand smoke. Avoid work related pollutants and air pollutants as well. Any treatments that are given in case of COPD should be accompanied by these preventive measures so that they show their effects in a better manner.

Herbal remedies for COPD:

Some of the herbs are very helpful in preventing symptoms caused due to COPD. Some of the common herbs and their usage in the treatment of COPD are given below.


This herb is used in the form of tea, juice or sometimes used topically. This herb is also available in the form of pills.

Herbal Remedies for COPD

The roots of the plant are used for medicinal purposes. They are helpful in boosting the immunity system. In case of COPD, it is used to reduce the upper respiratory infection as well. It effectively reduces the infection and prevents cold and cough that are frequently caused due to COPD. It also helps reduce swelling in the lymph nodes and gives relief from sore throat.

Side effects occurred due to Echinacea is not so severe, some side effects such as rash on the skin, gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms of asthma may also increase due to the use of this herb. In case some serious side effects occur, you should talk to your health care professional.

Asian Ginseng:

This herb is also used to cure several symptoms that are caused due to COPD. This herb is being traditionally used to improve functioning of the lungs. It has a very good ability of treating people with chronic lung infections. It also helps in improving the immunity of people so as to help them recover early from the diseases. In some cases, it also causes side effects such as breast tenderness, irregularities in menstrual cycle, high blood pressure and some other problems. This plant is often called as “adaptogen”.

Licorice roots:

Licorice roots are used for infections, sore throat and bronchitis. It is available in the form of powder or in the form of pills. Peeled licorice roots are used in this, in their dried form. It is also available in the form of deglycyrrhizinated licorice or DLG. This herb should not be used continuously for more than 4 to 6 weeks. It can cause some severe side effects such as high blood pressure, cause adverse effects on the hormone levels. Pregnant women should avoid use of this licorice as it can increase the risk of preterm labor. Talk to a professional before taking these medications.


These roots are also used in the treatment of COPD. This is Chinese medicine. This herb is usually used in combination with other herbs to increase immunity and lung functions. This also helps in treating upper respiratory infections. It helps in preventing cold and cough. Some of the species of astragals are harmful for health such as locoweed. This species is grown largely in United States.


Ginger is also used in the treatment of COPD. It contains powerful antioxidants and antibodies that are helpful in fighting the infections that can be caused due to COPD. Ginger also helps in clearing the mucus formed in the throat. It also helps in reducing cold and flu symptoms that are caused due to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. It sometimes causes heartburn when taken in excessive amount.

Above herbal remedies for COPD will show their effects slowly, so in case of severe symptoms it is suggested that you take medical help. You can also look for more information about these herbal remedies online and then use them.

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