ACL Injury Statistics

ACL injury, anterior cruciate ligament injury, can be very severe if not treated appropriately in time. Anterior cruciate ligament is the muscle controlling the stability of the joint by moderating the femur and tibia. There are more than 1000 players listed with various injured body parts, but the most common football injury involves the knee – anterior cruciate ligament tear.  When the (National Football League) NFL games season rolls around, injured players become crucial as teams compete for a spot in the Superbowl. That’s makes you know about the ACL injury statistics.

About ACL injury

The anterior cruciate ligament popularly known as ACL is one of the four main knee ligaments. The ACL is responsible for knee stability, and the people who suffer from an ACL injury show symptoms of the knee diffusion from under the femur, the thigh bone. An ACL injury diagnosis is based on the medical examination as well as some of the special tests.

ACL injury statistics

The statistics also point out some interesting facts abut the ACL injuries. The highest number of ACL injuries occurs during the months of July and August. The statistics for grass and artificial turf ACL injuries are very similar. Among all the injuries in the NFL (National Football League) 2 to 3 percent are accounted as ACL tear.  Around 66 percent of the total ACL injuries are observed in the sports environment. About 80 % of ACL injuries are individual ligament tears whereas 21 % of the total injuries cause damage to other parts of the knee joint.  The special teams play report for at least 20 % of the total ACL injuries.

ACL injury statistics about surgery

In order to improve the mobility and strength in the knee joint physicians generally perform an invasive arthroscopic surgical procedure after 3 to 4 weeks of the injury. During this period mosrt of the patients are given sessions of pre-surgery trainings which proves to be helpful during the rehabilitation period.

For an ACL injury accompanying an MCL tear, the physician will have to wait at least 5 to 6 weeks prior to the ligaments reconstruction surgery. Around 95 % of the surgeons prefer using a patellar tendon autograft as the replacement muscle for the ACL reconstruction. After the surgery around 42 % of the physicians allow their patients only partial weight bearing and prescribe usage of crutches. About 55 % of the physicians allow full weight bearing right after the surgery. Ideally, 8 to 9 months of physical therapy and rest are sufficient for players to participate in sports. Almost all the athletes going for a reconstructive surgery after ACL injury football come back to play.

Females and ACL injury

Female athletes are more prone to ACL injuries as compared to men. A definite reason is yet to be found for this but it is thought that this happens as a result of hormonal imbalance in female body, less flexion between the hip and knee and lesser macular strength. Thus, female sports players are recommended to practice more prevention measures to avoid the ACL injuries as compared to men. It is also important to understand the basic symptoms of an ACL tear in order to get a proper treatment as soon as possible.

For, ACL injury football, both male and female who participate in sports which require a healthy and proper ACL must adopt the prevention measures those suggested in the programs above.

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