Hobo Spider Bite Symptoms

A hobo spider is one of the aggressive types of spider found in the Northwestern United States. It is mostly found indoors in the living areas. It prevails in warm and dry climate. These types of spiders hide themselves in the shoes and the other clothes. Usually hobo spider does not bite human beings, but if bitten the bite tends to cause great pain and inflammation. The pain occurs after few minutes of the bite.

The symptoms of hobo spider bite may differ from person to person. Usually children and elderly have the worst symptoms, since their immune system is weaker than that of adults. After the hobo spiders bite the person, bumps are converted into blisters, which cause great pain and inflammation. After the recovery, some of the scars are left behind. So it is important to know the hobo spider bite symptoms, so that proper treatment can be given to the patient. Before that just have a look at identification of hobo spider.

Hobo Spider Bite Symptoms Identification of hobo spider

Hobo spiders are larger in size as compared to other spiders. The size of hobo spider ranges from 12-18 mm. Hobo spiders is brown in color with some hair on the back.  Usually the hobo spiders are seen running in the summer season and they often run away or flee from human beings. There are various marking on the abdomen of the hobo spiders, but some do not have any mark at all. The male and female hobo spiders are distinguished from each other in a manner that the female hobo spiders have two large palps, as compared to the male hobo spider.

Symptoms of hobo spider bite

The symptoms of hobo spider should be immediately taken care of, if left untreated it leads to several other complications. Some of the hobo spider bite symptoms includes:

  • Intense pain on the affected area
  • Fever ranging from mild to high
  • Immense itchiness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Mild headache
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Problem with breathing
  • Muscle pain, especially in the legs and stomach
  • Formation of itchy bumps, which later becomes blisters
  • Formation of scars or rashes after some period of time
  • Formations¬† of necrotic lesions, with deep boundaries
  • Inflammation in the skin
  • Swelling around the infected area

Hobo spider bite prevention

Below are some of the preventive measures that should be followed in order to remove or kill hobo spiders, including:

  • Spray pest controls and different chemical pesticides for the killing of spiders.
  • Clean up the dirt from the home
  • Put all the garbage in a poly bags and remove it as soon as possible
  • Avoid applying steroids as well as heat on the affected areas
  • Checks all your clothes before wearing them, as the spiders might be inside your clothes
  • Keep all the home articles or furniture under the direct light of the sun for some time
  • Wear gloves¬† while working in the garden or while cleaning the house
  • Use vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust particles under the bed, or under the furniture

In conclusion, if any of the symptoms of hobo spider bite is noticed, then immediately rush to the doctor for further medical assistance. The treatments may include medication, applying cool compressor, applying certain ointment or creams, and some of the other remedies so that the effect of hobo spider can be reduced to a great extent. Ignorance of the bite may lead to several complications, such as heart and kidney problem.

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