Eye Twitch Remedies

Eye Twitch is known as ‘Blepharospasm’ in medical terms. Involuntary spasms in the muscles of the eyelids cause eye twitch. In simple words, eye twitching is involuntary, but repetitive and rhythmic contraction of the eyelid muscles. It is very common that one experiences eye twitching. However, if the twitching goes off automatically in a short span of time, it is not so annoying. Sometimes eye twitching may last longer and even it may lead to irritation in the eyes and even vision problems. Though, eye twitching is not a serious problem and generally disappears on its own, eye twitch remedies will help get rid of it in a better way. The remedies to eye twitch are to eradicate the basic cause for twitching.Eye Twitch Remedies

Causes of Eye Twitching:

There may be a few physiological as well as psychological causes for the irritation in the eyes and their twitching. Following are a few common reasons for eye twitching:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Eye strain
  • Fatigue
  • Neurological disorders
  • Genetic
  • Excessive use of caffeine

Home remedies for treating eye twitching:

Eye twitching is a very usual and common situation that millions of people have experienced at some or the other time in life. Hence, one should really keep calm and take this easy. However, if it persists for longer than few hours or reoccur frequently, then may turn up to be serious. Below mentioned are a few easy and simple home remedies to get rid of irritating twitching in the eyes:

  • One of the basic causes for the twitching in eyes is said to be anxiety. Even acute anxiety may result in eye twitching. Hence, to remedy the situation, it is very important to control your anxiety and relax.
  • Get adequate sleep as it is required to give proper rest to the eyes
  • Reduce the caffeine consumption if it is above normal
  • If you are working on computers, make sure you do not strain your eyes a lot and take regular short breaks to reduce the strain.
  • Include the necessary vitamins for good eye health like vitamin A, and minerals like potassium to avoid eye twitches.
  • Cold water or warm water compress relieves the strain in the eyes, relaxes them and stops eye twitching.
  • When you sleep the eye muscles relax, however, there are few explicit ways apart from sleep to relax the eye muscles. Do eye care exercises regularly like staring at object from distance etc.
  • Fruits like bananas help in providing minerals like potassium and zinc in ample quantity. Consume such fruits on a regular basis.

Along with these natural and home remedies, there are certain prescription eye drops, which help control the eye twitching like zaditor, elestat, emadine etc. In case the twitching in the eyes does not go off within a week’s time and turns to more irritating and violent levels, then seeing a doctor is suggested. However, if the twitching goes with natural and home remedies, still preventive measures to maintain good health of eyes is advisable.

Eye twitching is usually a very common phenomenon and does not require any surgeries or any medical interventions. However, if it lasts for long than normal, then it is advisable to consult a physician. Nevertheless, for normal eye twitching experience, one may try eye twitch remedies to cope up with the situation and relief the eyes from the annoying experience. Relaxing the eyes with proper and adequate sleep, maintaining the stress levels at low and reducing the consumption of caffeine would serve as the major remedies to irritating eye twitching experience.

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