Eye Floater Remedies

At some or the other point of time, every individual experiences some foreign objects or strands moving across the field of their vision. This is nothing but the eye floaters. In scientific terms, eye Floaters are muscae volitantes. These are small bits of debris in the vitreous, which is a gel-like material that is inside the eyeball. The name floater is appropriate as the material is visualized as floating before the eyes. However, it is inside the eyes and becomes more apparent with eye movement.  They can appear as dots, strands, specks, rings or cobwebs. They follow the eye movement and settle down when the eye stops moving. Eye floaters may occur at any age and is a harmless syndrome unless the vision is severely disrupted.

Causes of Eye Floaters:

There may be various causes for the floaters in eyes to appear.

  • One of the principle causes is aging process of the eyes
  • Another cause may be prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Floaters may even be result of congestion in the kidney, liver and colon
  • Trauma to eye or any breakdown of the vitreous may result in this strand like substances to float before the eyes.

Eye floaters may occur at any age. However, it is very common in people with nearsightedness and it is significant with aging. There may be varied causes for the floaters to appear. Eye floaters may be annoying and really troublesome, if they do not disappear immediately. Hence,  a few remedies given here can help combat eye floaters.

Eye Floater RemediesRemedies for Eye Floaters:

There is no confirmed successful solution to the problems of floaters. Conversely, surgeries are suggested to remove the floaters, but most of us wish to avoid any surgeries for a situation which can be controlled or healed otherwise. Below given are few remedies to fight the eye floaters problem. It is impossible to stop the formation of the floaters, but certainly, with the following remedies we can reduce the floater production and strengthen eye’s natural healing power:

  • Proper and balanced diet is the key solution to the problems related to the eyes. It is also important to do regular exercises including eye exercises. Keep moving the eyes as an exercise, from upward to downward direction. Also include hemp oil in the diet. This oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acid, which is good for eye health and effective to cure eye floaters.
  • The antioxidants in bilberry extract are an herbal solution to strengthen the retina and provide beneficial nutrients to it to protect tissues from damage. Taurine is another mineral that helps eyes in getting rid of the waste building up in the eyes.
  • One of the best remedy is to ignore the eye floaters and not let them bother you. The anxiety, depression or other irritations caused due to floaters are generally psychological and due to extra attention paid to it.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, spinach, strawberries etc. have antioxidants properties. These food items help remove the waste from the eyes and strengthen the retina.
  • Protect your eyes while going out. This will protect the eyes from dust and sun, thereby controlling the formation of floaters.
  • Gingko, Lysine and Serrapeptase Enzyme are very useful in treating eye floaters. It facilitates the blood flow to the eyes and also digests debris and dead tissues that cause floaters.

Eye Floater syndrome may occur at any age, but is common with aging. Eye floater is a harmless condition, when an individual is bothered due to the tiny floating objects before the eyes. To fight the condition, this article provides you with few eye floater remedies. Nevertheless, all the above given remedies are helpful in reducing the production of floaters and not stopping its production. Even acupuncture, hypnosis are effective remedies for eye floaters. However, if you experience serious vision related problems, you need to consult your optometrist.

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