Radio Frequency Treatment for Back Pain

The word “radio frequency” means utilization of   electricity to manage pain,

to produce heat in the affected area and  melt away pain in the  nerves or other tissues .

Radio Frequency for back pain is very effective. It is used for different

areas of the back such as  injured facet joints or the spinal discs.

The facet joints can become injured or diseased and significant

amount of pain can be caused in the back .These  joints can

prevent people  from being able to bend and  lean as far backward as we

are able to bend forward.. The radiofrequency lesioning procedure can be used

to melt away pain in nerves occuring within these facet joints of the back.

The Radio frequency procedure is almost risky because it can directly

cause damage to the tissue. This technology must be used with caution

and care.

Intradiscal-Electro-Thermal-Annuloplasty (IDET):

There is a special type of radio frequency called Intradiscal-Electro-Thermal-

Annuloplasty (IDET), which is used to treat back pain in the spinal discs.

IDET is a big term for inserting a thin filament into the disc and applying heat to

the surface inside . The heat is used to reduce pain. However, physicians

may be melting the  pain nerves inside the disc  and helping the disc to

restructure itself by becoming more sealed and supportive.

Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment for back pain:

  • Standard radio frequency has been there for about a decade. But it did

not work for some patients. Now we have a new technique called cooled


  • This kills the nerves, but as  the probe is continually cooled by water,

we can leave it in for longer so that nerves can be wiped  out  over a wider area.

The patient is more likely to be pain free. It is a 40-minute operation

and is  done  as day surgery .Patients calm down , so the doctor  can talk to

them in the operation theatre. This way the doctor can identify the right nerves to


  • Under X-ray the physician first stimulates the nerve with the probe on a low

setting and asks the patient if he/she can feel it. If the patient feels it

then it may mean that the nerve is problematic and  needs to be zapped.

Once  the right nerves are found out  local anesthesia is injected  and

the probe  is  switched to cool mode. The electricity voltage is kept too low

but it can  correct the faulty nerve.

This technique will reduce pain although it will take a long time.

Radiofrequency Neurotomy:

It  is a procedure to reduce back and neck pain .

In radiofrequency neurotomy, the radio waves are transferred to the

targeted nerves through the needles   inserted through the skin above your spine.

During radiofrequency neurotomy, imaging scans   are used to help the doctor

position the needles precisely. It works better in some people than in others.

Radio Frequency treatment for back pain must be performed under

a specialized  doctor. The treatments discussed here are IDET and cooled Radio

frequency. It is done to reduce the chronic pain in the neck or back that has

not been  relieved by medications or physical therapy .

Radiofrequency treatment is available throughout the world and

nation but is only for patients with specific conditions. Patients often have to go

through extensive screening with many doctors running multiple tests in order to

make sure they have the correct candidate for the somewhat risky procedure.

The doctor who practices this procedure typically has years of experience and has

performed the same operation many times. The more experienced the doctor has

the less likely would be the chances of complications.

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