Garlic Allergy Symptoms

garlic allergy symptoms

Some people begin to reveal some allergic reactions after eating or being in contact with garlic. Garlic allergy symptoms may vary in severity and affect almost all systems of the body. Here are some common allergy symptoms associated with garlic.

Nasal symptoms

Garlic allergy causes many symptoms related to the nasal system such as stuffy or runny nose. If you feel running or stuffiness in nose within minutes of consuming garlic, you may be allergic to it. The nasal irritation usually occurs due to inhalation of micro-particles of allicin. You can keep a food diary to note the symptoms you experience after intaking certain foods. It helps you to determine whether your allergy is due to garlic or not.

Respiratory symptoms

The garlic allergy symptoms, like any other allergy, usually affect the respiratory system. Those, who suffer from garlic allergy, may experience, coughing, wheezing, sneezing and chest pain. The people, who have asthma or other related illness, mostly experience such symptoms. Respiratory symptoms usually occur as a result of inhaling dry garlic dust, when preparing garlic for cooking. Sneezing is a common respiratory symptom due to garlic allergy. In most cases, those who are allergic to garlic sneeze many times.

Digestive symptoms

Just like any other food allergy, garlic allergy also immediately affects the gastrointestinal system. It causes several types of disturbances in the stomach. The common digestive symptoms felt due to garlic allergy are vomiting, diarrhea, general nausea, cramping and abdominal pain. These symptoms usually appear within few minutes of consuming the food containing garlic. Bloating is another symptoms felt in your stomach as a result of garlic allergy. Those who suffer from bloating may feel some pressure or pain in the lower abdomen.

Gastric symptoms

Allergy to garlic can also cause inflammation in the intestine and stomach. It may result in stomach upset, gas and heartburn. Most people cannot recognize garlic allergy symptoms, as the symptoms are common and mild. We can treat the gastric symptoms using over-the-counter medicines. Flatulence is another symptom, which may contain botulism. It makes your gastrointestinal tract and stomach react negatively.

Skin symptoms

Skin is the most affected area of all allergies. The first symptoms due to any allergy appear on the skin. That is why, doctors suggest skin test to diagnose allergy. Garlic allergy symptoms on skin may develop due to touch or ingestion of garlic. In some people, the skin reactions appear in the form of redness, itching or rash. Skin rash is a common garlic allergy symptom, which may include redness, swelling or little bumps on skin. The rash in the skin and mouth develops as a result of the reaction of an active ingredient allicin present in chopped raw garlic. If you have prolonged or regular contact with cut fresh garlic, you may experience blisters on the skin due to the reaction of allicin. The reaction on the skin may depend upon the severity of your allergy and the amount of food you have consumed.


Swelling is a common symptom of all allergies. If you are allergic to garlic, you may experience swelling on the lips, mouth, tongue, throat, face and various areas of the skin. The swelling may lead to severe symptoms such as wheezing, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, lightheadedness and  sometimes, results in death due to lack of oxygen.


Anaphylaxis is the most severe reaction caused by all allergies. Anaphylaxis includes numerous symptoms such as constriction of airways, trouble in breathing, drop in blood pressure, increased pulse, fainting, loss of consciousness etc.

Avoiding garlic or garlic containing food products completely from your diet is the best and simplest method to be free from all symptoms.

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  1. food Allergy Symptoms says:

    Very useful information on food allergies. It is very much necessary that we go for check up immediately when any such symptoms seem to appear. It can be very hazardous, if the situation gets complicated because of these allergies.

  2. sar says:

    I read online garlic is really good for you and will clear up a femal yeast infection. Although I still believe that part of it since it did clear it up. I was instructed to eat 3 raw cloves a day. After the 4th day I broke out in burns in my mouth 9 in total. I cannot stick my toungue out theres 2 on the very back sides of my toungue that crack if I move my toungue at all. 2 under my toungue on each side and 2 between my cheek and gum on the top and 2 on the sides of my tongue. And one just starting near my top k 9 its cracking everywhere. Garlic can cause serious mouth burns. It hurts so bad I might go to the ER tomorrow.

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